Well, today was an odd day in many respects, and if every day was like this I would be a happy man. A long time ago, Nicole told me she wanted gymtastics.com so she could use it for her gym stuff. A small site got put up and then basically forgotten. The last update to the site, other than my file sharing that I do was in 2002. Recently however I have been getting emails addressed to various boxes at gymtastics.com that were destined for gymtastics.ca. Upon further investigation I found that Gymtastics is in fact a gym in Calgary. For some time I have been replying to emails telling people that they have the wrong address and that they should readdress their email. Not a big deal, I am happy to help. Then, out of the blue the other day I get and email from the husband of the owner asking if I would be willing to sell the domain name to them. So I went and checked out the domain he was mailing from and of course their site. Apparetly they are doing well, they are moving out into bigger buildings and rebuilding their website. So I thought to myself that it would be the right thing to do to let them have the site name for a fee. Long story short, we agreed on a price for the domain of $1750 and are in the process of making the move.

On top of that, I finally got the cheque from Petcare for Thunder which was about 50% of the total bill which was what I expected. So I bumped up Lightning’s coverage to allow for a higher payout in the event of sickness and because of our loyalty to them we got 15% off the monthly rate.

The good news continued as Nicole persuaded me to accept an offer from Sonia and Darren to go with them to Vegas in October. Turns out, our comp status gives us 2 nights free! Couple that with a $600 flight and we still have lots of domain name money left over to play with!

It wasn’t all smooth sailing however, becuase when it came time to go home, we couldn’t get to the car becasue the ATF and Bomb Squad had closed the garage due to a suspicious package. We waited outside for an hour while they blew stuff up and eventually got to leave at 430.

So what is the moral of the story of today? Always check your email carefully! I had about 6000 messages in my email after we got back from England. Most of them were garbage, in fact 4000 went straight into the spam folders however my inbox held 700 mails, all of which I had to at least check to see if they were “real”. One of those emails was from gymtastics about the domain name.