If you have a big enough WHY, you can endure almost any HOW.

So I have once again failed to update even in order to document my spectacular weightloss. I recently got both my 25lb chip and my 10% keyring from Weight Watchers. I am now set to bargain with my leader in order to set a lifetime goal. I don’t think even with my positive thinking I am ever going to be what WW would consider “normal” weight. For my height I think they want me to be 160-180lbs. I think my skeleton weighs 180lbs!
Anyway, I am going to replace the calendar on my cube cabinet this morning so here is a rundown of what actually happened since September.

August 25 – Returned to Weight Watchers weighing a portly 290lbs
Sept 4 went to Branson
Sept 5 George from Purchasing retired
Sept 10 Alarm guy from ADT came to reset the password
Sept 11 Dr Esmial follow up regarding my numb hand (still relatively nimb, strength getting better)
Sept 22-23 Hilton Airport for Wireless Healthcare Summit – Bored my face off
Sept 29 Dr Alex
Oct 3 Copied the Foundation database for Jane
Oct 9 Gave a virus presentation (twice) for customer service week
Oct 12 went to Hastings for Thanksgiving – Usual crowd.
Oct 17 – 21 VEGAS BABY, VEGAS!!
Oct 26 – Nov 2 Off work sick with flu / bronchitis
Nov 4 US Election – Obama won, who knew?
Nov 8 Gymnastics Staff Meeting
Nov 25 Mike and Isabel 25th Wedding Anniversary
Nov 29 Hastings for Christmas at the Golf Course for dinner. We missed the gift giving but it was nice to see everyone anyway. Michael grew about a foot since last year, seriously he must be on horse hormones or something that is crazy!
Dec 1 Alex
Dec 2 Mike and Isabel to stay while Mike goes in for 2nd heart thing.
Dec 8 Isabel leaves and Mike gets out of hospital.

It’s now Dec 9 and this morning we woke up to about 5″ of snow which took me 25 min to shovel before we could leave for work. I still like snow, although now it is starting to affect my sleeping in.
I am planning to take off dec 22-24 so that we can get the floors done in the house with our wedding gift money. Last week I got a massive bargain on a TV from Tigerdirect. I got about $150 off the lowest price you could find anywhere because there were only 3 left. So now we have a TV on top of the fireplace which is where I always imagined we would have it. I need to deal with the wiring.
I weighed in last week at 260.8, which means that this week I should be back into the 250’s AND should have lost more than 30lbs!!! I didn’t get my 10% last year, so by all accounts I must be doing better so far. However I won’t feel like that until I break that 252lb mark I hit for the wedding last year.
I have my final weigh in for the Fat B*stard pool at work where people guessed what weight I would be on Dec 31st. They all put in $2 and the winner takes all. I ste my goal at 252 which means I would actually have to be around 248 to hit that at work. We also have the Biggest Loser final weigh in with the 4 of us battling for a grand prize of $40. I think even though I have not lost the most in any of the 4 months of the competition that I may still take the title. That happens on Dec 29th.
Wish me luck!