I am back at fat camp.

I signed up for another 6 months at Weight Watchers last night because I cannot deny that the only time I have actually managed to control my weight in the past 5 years was when Nicole and I went to WW once a week to get weighed. I remember the rush of excitement I would get from seeing the lost weight each week and how proud I was at 14 weeks of losses non stop.
That and I am obviously unable to coach myself in any realistic way.
So yesterday we bought a blood pressure monitor since my doctor told me last week when I mentioned my numb face (from the England Trip) that I have high blood presssure and we both recall that the last time I was there he said the same. I am not sure how long it is going to take for me to realize that I am not young any more and that my health is at risk by my weight. I am hoping sooner rather than later – and certainly not post-heart attack later.
So, here I go again. Only this time I am a MASSIVE 290lbs, regardless of the weight I wanted to lose before coaching began which is one week today. All I can do is the right thing and let time do the rest.
Here I go, doing the right thing.