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Chicago 2009 – Needs to be fixed!!!

This is all I could find for the Chicago trip. Sad, really really sad. Anyway, I will fill in more details and as usual you can check out the pictures on flickr.

Day 1
Had an uneventful drive to the Buffalo airport. However, since it is now April27 my recollection may be a little hazy. I remember we stayed in our Niagara falls hotel the night before. It was pretty snowy as I remember and we didn’t go to the casino that night I don’t think. That was because it was a Thursday night after coaching and we drive to Niagara at 9pm, getting there at about 11. We were up early and it took 45 minutes from the hotel to the airport. Got some coffee on the concourse and waited for the plane. The flight was fine I think, we had pretty good seats, I think we were 22 in line or something. The flight was only a coupe of hours and we landed in Chicago in cool near freezing weather. The airport was quite nice although you had to walk through some weird areas to get to the Orange line train to take you to “The Loop” where basically everything is. We got off the El, or elevated train downtown and since we were starving we went into the first breakfast place we found. BIG MISTAKE!! Don’t make the error of going there it was awful. I am going to find the name if it kills me… I’ll be back.

Found it, only took me 2 hours of searching but the culprit of the worst breakfast in Chicago, and maybe even the whole of North America (likely tied with Cora’s in Newmarket) is Petros Restaurant (160 N La Salle St, Chicago, IL, United States). What a brutal place. The toilets are in the basement, it’s like entering a scene from Saw (the movie) going down there but that is not anywhere as shocking as the taste of the food. Not only that, a guy came and sat down at the table across from us and ordered an egg white omlette only to be brought a regular one. He told the waitress that he had ordered an egg white omlette and she had the audacity to tell him that he didn’t. Of course, being Canadians we told him that we had heard him order the egg whites and that he was absolutely right. He told the waitress to take the omlette away and get what he ordered. Needless to say, if you are thinking of having food at Petros, DON’T!!!!

Day 2 – original post

Got up fairly early and went of breakfast. For $26 each it was OK I guess, I did have gruyere cheese on my potato which I suppose you wouldn’t get most places. Nicole had oatmeal crème brulee which was pretty darn good. We are finally getting some data on our phones, I had to reboot mine and it started working. So now we can go shopping and go to different stores with texting keeping us in sync. We have to get Nicole some Uggs since she had boots that hurt her feet yesterday. I can only guess they will go in the garbage when we get home. But who knows…
We are going to the 900 store mall this morning and back for a workout around lunchtime. After that maybe the aquarium or planetarium and back here for more working out later. Food is definitely off the list. We had Chicago deep dish pizza, so we are officially up to speed with the food scene here.

Quarterly update 2009

Sometimes the feeling takes you and you just need to go with it. It has been a while since I was here so I thought I would document the recent past just to try and bridge the gap. The big item on the horizon today is the Biggest Loser Competition at work that I have been running. This is the second installment of the competition and today was supposed to be the finale however with people away at the RUG conference, we have moved the date to Wednesday. How am I doing?? Badly! My first outing for BL1 was a success however I have found it increasingly difficult and have only managed a few pounds off for the 4 months of BLII. I have also had a hard tie getting to WW on a Wednesday, partly because I don’t want to show a gain and partly because I have been pretending there is another reason besides not wanting to show a gain! Anyway, I really need to get back on track since my goal of being 250 for Birchmount competition left me about 5lbs short and my goal of 245 for Orangeville which is this weekend seems so so far away. Also, in order to win the BLII outright, I probably need to be sub 250… I did win month 3 but that was more because nobody else really did well. So I just need to get the weight program back to the top of the personal priority list instead of being lazy with my goals and motivation. It is increasingly difficult however when Dr Alex is still reluctant to put me back on the gel.
So here is a review, and having looked back at the site just now I realize that it has been a long time, almost back to last year when I wrote something current.
5. BL2 starts
12. Dr Alex
20-22 late nights at Branson
23 Big SSHA outage – 8 hours of no internet for the users – SHOCK HORROR!!
27-28 Off
20 My Birthday trip to Chicago. I am sure I have something written for this.. Look for the post after this.
25. ROAM box to Teranet
3 Switched Branson to SSHA for internet
7 Got Sattelite TV
12 Nicole to Erie
14 Liverpool beat Man U 4-1 to solidify their title challenge
16 Dr Alex
19 March Madness 09 started – I came 3rd
20 Bone density test – results came back OK probably due to my weight training all these years
21 Liverpool beat Aston Villa 5-0
24 Dr Esmail follow up. My hand is as good as it is going to get – Still numb
28 Australian Grand Prix weekend
30 Dr Sierra appt 2
2 Fiz Bday
4 Went and stayed downtown at the Intercontinental Yorkville for Nicole’s birthday treat and partied at some pool hall with Sonia and Darren. Went out for dinner at a place in Yorkville, very sheeshee. Next day we went for breakfast at an amazing little diner – quite a find!
4 Liverpool beat Fulham 1-0
5 Malaysian Grand Prix
6 Nicole “official” birthday
7 Mock Meet for Gymnastics
11 Liverpool beat Blackburn 4-1
10-13 Easter Weekend
17 Birchmount Competition – Not great but not bad either. Great coaches room again!
18 Liverpool tied 4-4 with Arsenal – that may have been the 2 points we needed at the end of the season!
25 Nicole to Niagara falls with Sonia and Mo for the night.
25 Liverpool beat Hull 4-1 an unconvincing display
26 Bahrain Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton still not producing last years form but came 4th this time out.
27 Today – I resurrect the site to begin the process of documenting life again.

Off to find and post the Chicago writeup. You can also find the pictures at