Harry Balzac - Wordplay or Starbucks' Newest Creation

Harry Balzac - Wordplay or Starbucks' Newest Creation

Having taken 3 months away from this blog to do the P90X writeup I now find myself having to juggle the two systems as I attempt to merge the workouts into my daily life. I want to keep up with the P90X updates however with the myriad of things going on in my personal life I need to ha ve a place to record what is going on. For the longest time things were pretty stable, I was doing P90X every day, working, had plenty of time to write and even to do home renovation projects. Nicole and I would get to work around 7, grab a Red Eye and a Harry Balzac from Starbucks and life was simple. Then coaching happened. I was shorted 2 days a week, on Fridays I was too tired to workout so I lost 3 days a week to the shakeup. P90X started to drag as the last rest week became more of a burden than a pleasure. We rolled out the antivirus at work (www.kaspersky.com) which presented a great deal of cycles to be worked through. As coaching progressed, the usual problems occurred, now we are picking floor music and the vortex of life has sucked all the spare time from my schedule. I am working on taking P90X into the gym, trying to get my money’s worth from my gym membership while creating a new interesting workout schedule for myself. The days of heavy bench and bodyweight shoulder presses are behind me now and although I refuse to say that they will never return, for now they are retired.

There are so many other things going on that I haven’t had time to write about so here goes.

My seed finally came through for me!! Although the Romaine Lettuce turned into a thistle the leeks started to sprout as did some of the carrots. I guess they are both really sensitive to not having enough water. I will pick some of the (admittedly still small) carrots this week and see if it was all worth the effort.

We are getting more children!! Both Nicole and I are swamped with kids this year, both of our recreational gymnastics groups are up to 9 kids each. Although I have only 5 competitive kids this year compared to her 8 they are still a handful and I am slowly being forced into the role of Party Coach since they are frowning on discipline and hard work nowadays.

Nicole is getting bigger!! Her reputation as a world class motivator and Fit Kids organizer is spreading quickly through the community. This past weekend we did the 30th Annual Howl On The Hill 5K race with some of the Fit Kids children. Although some of them complained through the whole thing they all finished the race! I found myself repeating things I had heard my Dad say to me on so many occasions as a child as I whined about climbing mountains and traversing heather covered moors with a pack on my back. These kids however only had to walk for 40 minutes on the sidewalk. Kids nowadays, they don’t know how easy they have it. Speaking of my parents they are about to become the bionic couple as Mum goes in for her hip replacement in December.