American Idol blew it again. Having the other kid win when it was patently obvious that Adam Lambert was the greatest star they have ever had on Idol (and yes, I think he will outsell Kelly Clarkson) was a real kick in the teeth for the viewing public. The only person who I think will have a bigger career is Carrie Underwood and that is only due to the irrationally large audience that Country music enjoys in the USA. I said to Nicole last night that Adam Lambert has the chops to go on tour with Queen as a Freddie Mercury replacement he is that good.

Liverpool came up a day late and a dollar short for the Premier League title this year and after a magnificent season I can honestly say that next year we should be back on top. It is about time, it will be 20 years since our last title. Hopefully the lessons of dropping points at home to weak teams will sting long enough to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

What happened to McLaren and Lewis Hamilton? Maybe the Pussycat Doll has been too much of a distraction to the team in the off season but they are an embarrassment to themselves this year. The silver lining of course is that Jenson Button may in fact give British Motorsport the second consecutive F1 Championship win by a British Driver. I don’t know that it has ever happened before but I am keeping my fingers crossed as much for a Hamilton resurgence as a Button Championship. The other grey cloud is the imposition of the 40 million pound cap on expenses. The top 4 teams spend roughly 5 times that each year. Are we seeing F1 getting turned into an open class cart race? Let’s hope not. If Ferrari and others pull out given the cap it will ruin the sport. Interestingly the papers report the cap as an “optional” cap. Hmmm…

My back has been very bad of late, however Mother seems to be recovering well from her surgery. I have had some radiating pain down my left leg, the “other” leg which is disturbing. This all is a constant reminder of my episode 8 years ago which I would prefer not to repeat. However if I do eventually have to go back under the knife I think I will be opting for the same fusion that mum had. If I had the choice all those years ago and of course the benefit of hindsight I would have had that done the first time around. i was up at 530 this morning out for a walk around the block to get the pain to stop. Hopefully I will be able to manage the pain and whatever the issue is in the coming weeks. I am still pretty mobile, but the pain has been unusual and unpredictable which I don’t like. However, I have not taken any of my medication yet, I am actually going to see my doctor today to get refills and tonight I will take an anti inflammatory. Hopefully that will help me get back on track. The problem is that it is affecting my workouts which in turn affects my weight.

Why don’t I just get the weight thing out of the way now? I have been roughly the same for about 2 months now and it is starting to get on my nerves. In fact, I am within about 5-10 lbs of my prize winning weight on Dec 31st. That was 5 months ago!!! You know what they say, if you want to change something in your life you are going to have to change something in your life!! Enough said. I tried to be in shape and at an acceptable weight for competitions this year and I think I just made it. This time next year however I would like to be down another 30lbs or so.

We tried cat yodelling last night, to no avail.

As for competitions, my kids are running hot and cold. Sunday is their final competition and since it is our home competition I hope that they will finally put it all together and get themselves the rewards I know they deserve. Of course it is a very sad time of year knowing that at least 2 of my girls will be leaving me this year. 5 more weeks and it will be goodbye to both Jessica and Brigitte both of whom I have known for quite a few years now. Always a very tough time for me.

We have migrated our TV from ACI since the Evil Overlords at Rogers took over our cute little cable company. We now enjoy Bell satellite TV and as of today, no internet. I wonder just how long we could go at home without internet. I think Nicole would lose her mind quite honestly! So I now have to go to the slightly lesser of two evils and get Sympatico from Bell. At least we will save a little cash both on a slightly lower service speed and a bundle bonus. I had better do that Friday or Nicole may actually become unhinged without the internet especially since she is in a course this week without a computer.

Work seems fine, busy of course and I finally got a few cents increase on my cheque for the first time in at least 4 years. About time!!!!

It is the time of year to get stuck into the house and car again. I have rust holes to fill, broken pieces to fix, and a massive restructuiring of our storage areas to do including the garage. In addition, I am going to try my hand at growing stuff this summer. I am going to try tomatoes, onions and romaine lettuce at least since we seem to eat them the most. Keep checking back to see the progress of the plants. This weekend will be the big planting I hope. I did the lawn 3 days ago and it hasn’t rained since… Maybe it’s me?