The saga of the antivirus provider continues, we have meetings and are very close to picking a winner. Not only that, but we are also very close to getting Tim Card support at the hospital which will be excellent at last! The photo contest rages on, I have included my submissions below for the past 5 weeks and so far I have won 3 times! In reality, I think Nicole should have won this week, her picture was far superior to mine.

Mum and Dad have apparently finished the dealings with the house and will officially be Yorkies again soon. This is a major surprise to me, and I am sure still a major surprise to my mother who was convinced that Dad would never return to York.
My back has been particularly sore of late, mostly due to the fact that both Nicole and I were sick since last Friday after coaching at the Burlington competition. Damn those little swine children. All the coughing and going on has left me very tender and sore in some very odd places. I also have not been to the gym for the last few days, for the same reason however I need to get back with a vengeance today because…
Biggest Loser 3 started this week! We have 11 players again this time around, and even Bob has decided to join in. The competition is going to be stiff, the summer is a really easy time to get in shape and so I expect some big numbers from the players. It is only 3 months this time around so the monthly prize is $80 and the final winner gets $200. Not bad at all for losing a few pounds.
Of course that means I have to focus and get back to work. It seems that it was not that hard to get the first 40lbs off but since then I have drifted a little and had a very hard time getting any more off. I am not going to pretend that it is a physical thing, I am far more sophisticated in my evaluation than that. I know that it is simply the “extras” in my diet that are blocking my progress. It is a fact that the more weight you lose, the better you feel but also the more you think you can relax your ways. Not true, in fact, the more you lose, the more you need to stay focused in order not to defeat yourself with complacency.
So it is back to the salads and the smoothie for breakfast. I think I will reduce my weights a little in the gym and add some more cardio since this is the time of year for running. I am not sure how much more I really need to prove in the gym, I am still the strongest in the gym regardless of age and as intoxicating as that may be, it is how I hurt myself in the first place. So I will work on my heart and relax on the 65,000 lbs workouts for now.
We are coming to the end of the year at gym too, last night I had 4 kids off for no apparent reason other than they seem not to care once competitions are done. So pretty soon we will have 2 extra evenings to go to the gym and study for our Nutritionist certification. Another reason I need to lose some weight, I mean who is going to listen to a fat nutritionist??