Sad, sad salad

Vegas 2010, what a trip that was! We had some loose ends to tie up before we left so getting on the road in sub zero temperatures after working all day and having to drive to Niagara wasnt’ the best way to start the trip. However, we got out of the house and on the road before Elyse’s bed time and hoped the drive wouldn’t be too bad. As it turned out, the drive was OK, we ended up needing gas at the Petro Canada near the end of the lake but as we got further towards Buffalo the weather got progressively worse. We arrived at the Sheraton Fallsview Resort fairly late to discover it is located between the Hard Rock cafe and the Casino. It is on the other side of the Casino from the nice but painfully small Crowne Plaza. The first impression wasn’t good, a pushy little jerk of a man in a valet suit telling me I had to leave my keys with him while I checked in. This wasn’t going to happen and after a mini battle of wills he backed down and we checked in, keys in hand. The concierge was very helpful and actually upgraded us to a fallsview room with 2 queen beds which according to most people who use Hotwire NEVER HAPPENS because the hotels have a grudge against Hotwire people paying too little for their rooms. This, of course is the ramblings of conspiracy theorists who seem to forget that since you are there you are giving the hotel revenue they would otherwise have missed. So check in was fine however when it comes to a room for the night and the desire to save as much as possible, don’t forget that down by the falls, you will pay upwards of $20 a night for parking whereas at the Days Inn at the top of Clifton Hill, the parking is free. If you are happy to spend $72 on a room, just consider it will be $92 all told. That could be a big factor in your decision.
The hotel is nice, well appointed the room was very large, very clean and quite impressive. The amenities are good but everything was closed when we got there, we were tired and went out to dinner so the hotel didn’t get the exposure that would have lead to an accurate review. I can say that the parking is the same parking that the Crowne Plaza uses which is close to both and you can get to it from inside the hotel which is nice. It is also the same parking that Casino Niagara uses so it can be busy at times.
We went to Red Lobster for some light dinner and I was served the worst salad in the history of the world. It was a side salad, granted, but it consisted of some cut up iceberg lettuce, two end cuts off a tomato and one string of onion. The croutons tried to save the day only to find that I don’t actually eat fossilized bread.
The beds were comfortable, the hotel was quiet and the evening passed quickly. The next day we were up and out of there early to get to the Airport for our 8:15 flight. The only problem we encountered was a jackass of and American border guard who after mumbling through his questions with his hands in his pockets like a guilty schoolboy proceeded to tell Nicole (“yes, you” he said) that she should not be eating an apple next time we go through because “It’s rude”. I guess we offended his sensibilities because on the return trip we got the third degree at the border. Obviously he had entered some information incorrectly or flagged the vehicle as suspicious. It always amazes me the kind of Napoleon Complex that these typically short, weak men bring to work with them using their uniform and associated authority as a substitute for their lack of self worth and sagging masculinity. I always knew border guards in particular were idiots, but this guy really made a spectacle of himself. Had we had the time I would have taken him to task but we had places to go. We had already checked in so after parking the car pretty close in lot A we were all set for the security assault and the inevitable battle for Southwest aeroplane seats.
Yes, stupid American spell check, it’s aeroplane not airplane, honestly you are as bad as the border guards.