It’s Sunday and because it is Easter, its a weird day. Everything that wasn’t open on Friday is open today but mostly won’t be open tomorrow. We started the day at the hotel buffet breakfast, good value at $16 each and the choices were pretty good. Compare that to something like Ihop which runs $50 for two and you can see why it’s a good choice. We didn’t start out early, and in fact today was kid of designated as a lazy day. We decided that we would take a drive around the river and over to the Butterfly sanctuary which, although it sounds as interesting as watching paint dry was actually fascinating and very entertaining.

Since it is now a loooong time later, I can’t remember the rest of the day, however since we were in Niagara again this past weekend (Labour Day 2010) I was reminded of an altercation with a parking idiot at a breakfast ripoff joint. I was convinced I had already written about it but searching for the name of the location (it was IHOP inside the Fallsview Plaza hotel). We had gone early in theĀ morningĀ for breakfast and were greeted by some fat guy in a red turtleneck who said he needed my keys. I told him to go to hell since he had no id, no jacket, nothing to say he wasn’t a car thief. Eventually we went inside after giving the key to a different guy at the stand and went to the front desk to tell them to get their Valet shit together. Of course, since it was Sunday morning, the desk was attended by a bunch of teenage wasters who had no idea/couldn’t give a damn about the parking and were too busy texting their friends and flirting (badly) with each other. Sad state of affairs but good to know that The Fallsview Plaza will not be on my list of places to stay.