Paul the Painter was here. I really hope that in her first few months of life our new daughter will appreciate the subtle colour changes of the walls! The place does look really nice as a matter of fact, it’s amazing what a lick of pain can do. I managed to finish drywalling the new wall hole and now its mudding and taping, sanding and painting then finding a finish timber and a surround trim. I still have a little quarter round trim to finish too but time is increasingly short. We have baby classes all this week and next week which means we leave the house at 630am and don’t get back home until after 9 every night. We also have a gymnastics competition in Orangeville this weekend which means little if any time to get the work done. The good news is that I feel much better now. The sickness seems to have gone, and my back is starting to feel like normal again. However, that means it’s time for a wrench to go into the works! I have to start exercising again which will mean the return of the insatiable appetite! Since I was sick I lost about 10lbs which I am thrilled with however I also know that is is probably largely water and some muscle mass. Once I start up again I expect at least 3-4 of those lbs to be back within a day or two. It does mean, however, that I am closer to my goal of being 250lbs by the due date, something which is not only possible, but really a requirement if I am going to be healthy enough to handle the rigors of a newborn. We are currently 7 weeks out, and I have to admit I am not taking the due date as the finish line, I would much rather have everything inside the house done and finished by the time Nicole takes off work which is 5 weeks from now.

The list is pretty daunting however…

Do the taxes
Finish drywalling, taping, sanding and painting the wall hole.
Finish the quarter round in the main floor
Finish the threshold into the kitchen
Mount all the pictures and stuff that came off the wall for the paint
Clean out the basement bedroom and store the boxes of stuff that are on the floor in the gym
Remove the mirrors off the wall in the basement and remount them on flat plywood
Build a dip station and a dumbell organizer for the basement
Build a deck for the basement walkout
Build a BBQ House on the new deck for the BBQ

Better get to work..