I have been writing blogs for about 13 years now, I have kept a diary since 1983 if you can believe that and once in a while I will stumble upon something I wrote, a snippet of an entry, a nugget of a thought cast off somewhere. I find that my writing nowadays lacks the colour and vigour of the past. I think I am tending towards a factual recording of events rather than an imprint of my thoughts and ponderings. Maybe it is because I actually have things to record and talk about now rather than filling my pages with endless musings and anecdotal fairytales. Either way, I find the change a somewhat disappointing.

I can’t just try to write like that again, the time and space are not conducive to it, however what I can do is try at least to storytell a little more and document a little less. I realize that my background in physical fitness gives me a propensity to factual documentation of my activity but it’s just not that interesting for anyone to read.

I stumbled across OCT31=DEC25 today. Something I left as a scribble on a digital paper once. I was fascinated by it and couldn’t remember for the life of me what I meant. Good thing we now have Google, the mystery is no more but it brought me back to a journal entry about nothing. However, it was entertaining because of it’s style. In a similar way to Seinfeld, things about nothing aren’t necessarily boring, they can in fact be wildly entertaining.

I’ll just have to slip a little nothing into my entries from now on.