I am going to try and post more regularly here. Last week I was reviewing my weight history while plugging my numbers into FitDay and realized that by not updating on a regular basis, I have left huge holes in my past that I cannot fill. I know not every day is a life changing experience but I think at least once a week would be nice to post what is going on. Keeping up with my fitness blog is easy since I have something to write every day that I work out and the subject matter is very clean cut. Here, though, I have to determine what is appropriate, interesting and so on in order to get the right kind of reading experience.

So here is a taste of what my life contains at the moment:

Nicole: Sick with a cold, still on maternity leave
Elyse: almost 6 months old, found her feet, starting on rice biscuits
Weight: 270 (lost 12 lbs in the last 4 weeks)
Diet: Paleo
Work: Just finished eCare2
Workouts: P90X, Insanity and Crossfit
Jeep: New battery this weekend, new brakes when my parents were here, oil change next weekend

I haven’t brought the stuff in from the deck yet, I think I am going to cover the table, chairs and BBQ with a tarp since there will still be airflow from underneath, no worries about condensation. I am not sure about bringing the chin up bar in, maybe I will and then hang it in the garage for the winter. I can totally do Crossfit in the garage but it may be tough when it gets colder. Since I now have chains to hang it with I can probably get rid of the other chin up bar I made