So as you have read, the price was right. We did in fact get the $139 room rate and even managed to get coupons for $40 off buffet night at the hotel next door. However, you should be aware that this is one of the older hotels in the area and although they have added Canada’s biggest water park, they have not revamped the rooms. Let’s ignore the fact that one of the elevators in the parking structure was out of order (there are only 2) creating major havoc for anyone wanting to get to the parking or the water park. Let’s ignore the fact also that the heat in Sonia’s room didn’t work at all and just talk about the room. With the 2 of us and the stroller there was ZERO floor space to use. The rooms are EXTREMELY small compared to almost all the other hotels we have stayed in and that is due to the age of the place. The amenities are fine, the water park is pretty spectacular but you do have to be prepared for the minuscule rooms and the bathrooms that look like they belong in your grandparents house. For the price and the dates we were staying it was a huge bargain but with anything other than a non-mobile infant, these rooms are too small to bear. Would we stay again? If it was a major holiday weekend and the rates were that good, sure. But on any other weekend you can get a much better room elsewhere. I still think that the Doubletree was one of the best, and the Hilton opposite the Fallsview Casino was also pretty good. You can Hotwire those rooms and get a good deal, just not the Crowne Plaza.