Monthly updates seem to be easier to do, however my typing skills need some serious work.

So Elyse is 2 months old, almost 10lbs and I am not sure how tall even though we did measure her on Saturday. She is giggling and smiling a little more now, she seems to be able to control her face somewhat even though her arms and legs are still way beyond her ability to keep under wraps. She isn’t quite moving towards sounds or stimulus yet but you can tell she is more aware that things come from different directions now. The last few days she has been getting so upset she can’t eat, by which I mean she cries because she is hungry but then gets too upset to be able to eat from her bottle. I think we are pretty good at settling her down, but it often takes both of us doing something to get the job done. I am realizing I have limits on my patience… I am sure it is a mixture of fatigue, being physically tired from working out after work and hunger from trying to keep my weight down but whatever the reason, there are times when I realize I am at my limit of patience which is completely unreasonable with a baby but that doesn’t stop it from happening. A few deep breaths and I am fine but it has been a long long time since I was close to my limits. That sounds serious and negative but really it is neither, I am happy that I am getting back in touch with the boundaries of my psyche and also glad that I am able to control and even improve my response to stress. Since I have never really been much of a stress monkey I have never really had to deal with stress like this before. It is an eye opener and I finally realize that when I tell people that exercise is great for reducing stress I am actually doing them a huge favour. Nothing like an insanity workout to settle me down and boost my coping capabilities.

Elyse is as cute as ever. We are not taking hundreds of pictures of her but certainly a few a day. We should actually use the video camera more, since that is the reason we got it and video of me as a child would be worth it’s weight in gold I am sure… hahaha. I think watching yourself grow up live would be an amazing thing to see.

We took her out to the Jazz festival the other day which she, of course, slept through. We took her to the mall, to the store, to the relatives, all of which she managed to sleep through. Try to get her to sleep through Big Brother though… no way.

As new parents Nicole and I have our hands full. I have days full of work Nicole has days full of baby and when I get home we both have to exercise and try to find time to relax. It’s a difficult job, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.