It’s 2017. It has been a very long time since I posted here but the next couple of months should be interesting so I thought I would give it a shot. Plenty has happened, some of which I am sure I will forget and most of which will probably centre around sickness. Late last year we were very unfortunate to lose Barb to COPD. She had a long ongoing battle with her depression and her COPD and finally it got the best of her at the end of November. The funeral was a very emotional time, obviously, but it was really nice to see the huge outpouring of emotion and love that she had created while she was alive. Nicole took it very well it has to be said, I mean you can never prepare yourself for losing your parents but she is a very strong person and I think she dealt with it, her Dad and all the arrangements that came with the funeral in her usual ruthlessly efficient manner. It’s hard to say how Elyse felt about it, she obviously was most upset to see Nicole and me upset and in a way I hope that the ceremony, as beautiful of a day as it was will fade from her memory and be replaced by thoughts of the times she spent in Cobourg with Nana and Poppa. As for Elyse herself she is 6 and starting to lose her teeth, with 2 gone so far and a quizzical question as to why the tooth fairy left her a note the first time and nothing the second time… She is growing like crazy, already passing the 4 foot mark and catching up to Nicole in a hurry.

As for me work at the hospital is sadly the same, the promise of the security job has been lingering for almost a year now, and hopefully will come to fruition in the very near future but I am not holding my breath. As for gymnastics, I am now the coach of the provincial girls group at Evolution, we are awaiting the rankings for the year to see how many of my girls made it to Championships this year. We got several new kids from Jen who came to us from Tumble tots, however it has been recently made known that she has given in her notice and will be leaving after less than a year. Elyse is still doing gymnastics with coach mum and seems to hate the idea of it but love the time she spends doing it. Too much like me if you ask me. Lightning is still with us, he is a bit worse for wear, limps a bit and is generally behaving like a 16 year old cat would. Speaking of illness, Sarah the gym owner was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and is undergoing chemo and other various treatments to reign in her stage 4 status. Our fingers are crossed for her.

That is it for now, baby steps and I am sure lots more updates to come.