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Niagara Weekend Fall 2011 – Not A Typo!

Yes we were back in Niagara again during October, this time with my parents and Elyse. I have decided there is too much going on not to keep writing something and although I post to my fitness blog almost every day, my everyday life has no record and that is sad.

The trip to Niagara was fantastic, the weather held out OK, but the rain on thursday night was a disappointment. We took my parents to the other Brazilian Steak House Brassa and in comparison I have to say I liked Copacobana better. It had a livelier atmosphere and a much more varied selection. We stayed at the Doubletree again which is now our favourite Niagara destination and it didn’t disappoint. I spent the morning we left with Elyse in the pool and we both had a fun time jumping from the side into my arms. She is gettting so much bigger now, climbing onto things, pushing stuff around and basically interacting more with her environment. The weekend was a highlight of my parents being here including the trip across the border after the passport debacle.

Halloween 2011 – Bust

Yesterday started off like any other but after a visit to Occ Health to get our flu shots Nicole started feeling sick. I eventually had to take her home with a  38 degree fever and worked from home for the last couple of hours of my day. By the time I had got the baby, fed her, changed her and put her to bed Nicole had been sick in the baby bath by the bed and was in rough shape. Regardless of the house being completely dark, there were still hopeful kids knocking on the door as I snuck around the house in the dark, trying not to wake Elyse and spreading the smell of vomit throughout the three floors. It was not what I had envisioned for my halloween, but I am probably the only one who will remember this debacle in the end. Today is November, a lost month between Halloween and Christmas mostly known for Rememberance Poppies and Guy Fawkes Night. Here in North America though, it’s just a short breath of fresh air before the Christmas shopping season hits and the snow starts to fall.

White rabbits everyone.

I used to have style, I swear.

I have been writing blogs for about 13 years now, I have kept a diary since 1983 if you can believe that and once in a while I will stumble upon something I wrote, a snippet of an entry, a nugget of a thought cast off somewhere. I find that my writing nowadays lacks the colour and vigour of the past. I think I am tending towards a factual recording of events rather than an imprint of my thoughts and ponderings. Maybe it is because I actually have things to record and talk about now rather than filling my pages with endless musings and anecdotal fairytales. Either way, I find the change a somewhat disappointing.

I can’t just try to write like that again, the time and space are not conducive to it, however what I can do is try at least to storytell a little more and document a little less. I realize that my background in physical fitness gives me a propensity to factual documentation of my activity but it’s just not that interesting for anyone to read.

I stumbled across OCT31=DEC25 today. Something I left as a scribble on a digital paper once. I was fascinated by it and couldn’t remember for the life of me what I meant. Good thing we now have Google, the mystery is no more but it brought me back to a journal entry about nothing. However, it was entertaining because of it’s style. In a similar way to Seinfeld, things about nothing aren’t necessarily boring, they can in fact be wildly entertaining.

I’ll just have to slip a little nothing into my entries from now on.