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MSN Live Messenger Error 8100030d – Fixed!

8100030d error msn messenger 2011 not working under windows 7


Every website I found has links to solutions that don’t work. The ONLY solution if you have cleared your cache and deleted your contacts folder is to download and install the 2009 version under windows 7.

This is the only way! However, good luck finding the 2009 version anywhere unless you have an old drive squirreled away somewhere that has the old installer. Luckily I did.


HP Ipaq restore

So my IPAQ died again, since I have been off work for a while and left the device in my jacket. The last time this happened I lost everything and so I was diligent this time to backup the thing at every sync.
When I booted it this morning and attached it to my laptop and tried the restore it told me that it could not complete the restore because the file was created with a different mobile device.
So I recalled what I had read online (after hours of searching) and remembered that I had to update the ROM first. So I went to the HP site and downloaded the update and installed it.
Still no luck.
So I checked the help button that accompanied the error message and believe it or not, it actually helped! It mentioned that if the environmental settings are not the same as when you made the backup it will not work. So I changed the settings to my local time and lo and behold it worked like a charm.
It did however take quite a long time to complete which threw me off a bit but with a little patience I had my device back and running (albeit without the main password) in about 15 minutes.