Hoffman again, I love this guy. He does a great job, the core of the movie is the relationship amongst Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson and is well played, creatively written and leaves just enough to the imagination to make it genuinely spooky in parts. There is nothing quite like psychoses among friends. The plot is fairly well constructed, the characters and very well placed with actors being chosen very appropriately, and Sharon Stone once again astounds me with her ability to act. She is a vastly unappreciated actress, even in my estimation. The action is coherent and logically pursued and all in all, the movie has been put together with great care. In as far as science fiction movies can be considered “accurate” there were none of the usual glaring physical or logical impossibilities that tend to spoil the flavour of most of the genre (except for it being remarkably illuminated at 1000ft). An enjoyable flick, all told.

Rating 7.0 Well directed and acted, with plenty of psychological drama.
Theatre / Video Video. May have been better in the theatre, but was good with all the lights out on a big screen TV.
Rewind / Return Worth sitting through again, although I wouldn’t rent it again myself.
Highlight The holographic ship’s log showing the travel through space. Funky…
Favorite Quote “I forgive you, man. But I don’t forgive you for Ted, he’s a pain in the ass”

“Bring back the entity known as Ted. I liked the entity Ted. He was humorous”


With the memory of Lost Boys, I expected good things from this vampire flick and I am happy to say I was not disappointed. In the mold with which it was cast, it is a good movie. Wesley Snipes does a great job as the Daywalker and has some moves you would not believe. There is a great deal of fast-paced action, lots of gory and graphic scenes, and comic irony thrown in. It is an unoriginal plot done in an original fashion. It was entertaining, didn’t leave any unnecessary gaps and was not filled with moral or needless romantic messages. There are clever humorous veins running through the plot, and with a very “Roadhouse” kind of relationship with his mentor, Snipes manages to kill the bad guys, not get involved with any women, and stick true to his cause which rarely happens in these types of movie. The hero is usually changed by his love interest and persuaded to leave his life of darkness and move out to the country with the beautiful co-star. but not Wesley, he’s too cool for that.

Rating 7.5 It delivers on it’s promise with entertainment and flair.
Theatre / Video Theatre. I would see it if you can, but it wouldn’t be a waste to wait for video.
Rewind / Return It is definitely a see again on video.
Highlight The exploding corpses, very original effects and the “Bloodbath” party scene.
Favorite Quote “Let’s try fire this time…”

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I was sure I was going to hate this movie, but I had avoided it for so long, I finally decided it was time. By the time I had seen the bats and lizards, witnessed the trapeze flying dog, growling like some kind of demented Werewolf and watched the “Attorney” trying desperately to get off the revolving restaurant floor I was pleasantly surprised. It was an extremely funny, albeit sympathetic view of the irrelevant and paranoid rambling of a drug abusing man who believes he is the centre of the universe. Some just wonderful cameo appearances and acting that was, in  as far as I can tell, extremely representative of the exact state of mind in which the drug user finds themselves made it all the more tantalizing. Oh, not to mention that I finally understand where Hex got the quote on his index page from… It was enjoyable, I watched it twice and found the ending to be somewhat abrupt both times, probably the same way a user must feel when they are suddenly aware that they are no longer stoned…

Rating 7. Funny, not abrasive, plenty to make anyone laugh. Don’t take it seriously.
Theatre / Video Video. In the theatre, I am sure it would have had a narcotic effect…
Rewind / Return I saw it twice and would sit through it again, especially with stoners..hehehe
Highlight Trapeze Dog, escaping from the revolving restaurant and the strap-on lizard tail.
The opening scene in the desert is just great, including the hitchhiker.
Favourite Quote “Hello, Sir, Baby, Child, whatever…”

“You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug”

Star Wars – The Phantom Menace

Beside the fact that I had to wait to see this movie until all the freaks and wierdos in their Yoda and Chewbacca outfits had dissipated, I was still very much impressed with the whole thing. I am not a Star Wars groupie by any means, in fact I haven’t even see the other 3 in their entirety, I think I got tired of it halfway through number 2 and caught parts of the last one at a party somewhere. This, however was a different story. I always believe that as a part of a trilogy or a series of any size, each film must have enough content and substance to stand alone, but must balance that with enough significant ties to it’s predecessor or sequel to make the themes and plot seem contingent to the whole. For myself, the movie was entertaining, and I have to admit, at the start, I was a little taken off guard by what I considered to be unsettlingly specific ethnic accents. That apart, though, I really went for the special effects and have to say that I was not disappointed. The rendering was amazing, detail was carefully combed and but for the lack of reflected traffic in one scene, I couldn’t find a technical flaw with it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am very happy that I got to see it on a Sunday afternoon in an almost vacant theatre. I think the hype would have spoiled my enjoyment. Was it the movie event of the last decade? Hardly.

Rating 8.5. Special effects were brilliant, acting was solid.
Theatre / Video Theatre. Guaranteed you will miss out if you only see it on video.
Rewind / Return I would go again, if only for the pod race or the underwater scenes.
Highlight Pod race, no doubt. The thought of that dork C3PO realizing he was naked..hehe
Favorite Quote

What Dreams May Come

I am such a sucker for sappy movies. I have heard this movie take bad criticism for so long that I finally forgave myself for not seeing it in the Theater and rented it. It took me three days to get it, but it was worth the wait. for someone like me that lives and breathes traditional romance then this movie has your heartstrings playing Waltzing Matilda from the very outset. It is a beautifully thought out piece of work, the casting is perfection and of course, with Anabella Sciorra, what could be better? The story is really trying on the emotions which is why so many people took exception to it. It also takes a traditionalist view of religion, another hot button of the mentally fanatical critic. However, if you were to take yourself back to a time when your views of romance and good and evil were pure, this is a story of which dreams are made. The acting, writing and screenplay are superb, and the cinematography at times is simply breathtaking. It is a treasure of a movie, not the kind of thing you would want to see every week, but for those times when you need your faith in love restored, this is the perfect shot in the heart.

Rating 8.5. Just a lovely movie, leaves you with that cathartic feeling.
Theatre / Video Video. I am sorry I missed it in the Theatre. If I get a chance I will go.
Rewind / Return Definite rewind. I would see this a dozen times if I wasn’t such a mess afterwards.
Highlight His decision to stay with his wife when he got a second chance.
Favorite Quote

Forces Of Nature

Maybe I am biased because I am such a huge Sandra Bullock fan, but I really liked this movie. the chemistry on screen between her and Affleck was just great, lots of fun, lots of energy and a charm that Bullock never has possessed to this point. I like her in this type of semi-aggressor mode. The story was pretty simple, and to that point was well directed to keep the situations coming and the viewer in two minds as to where their heart lay. I found myself torn between wanting him to stay with his fiancée and him running off with Bullock into the sunset. I guess that was the point though. It was not a deep or meaningful movie, but an enjoyable romp across the southern States with two people and a pothead named Vinny (?). Funny movie, lots of action, laughs and leaves you with the feeling that it was worth going to see.

Rating 7. Enjoyable, worth getting out of the house for.
Theatre / Video Theatre. Good date video.
Rewind / Return I would see it again. Then again I have a thing for Sandra Bullock…
Highlight Impersonating condo buyers to get a trip to Florida (Stopping in Georgia)Dancing on the table, losing the clothes…
Favorite Quote “I haven’t know you very long but I think there may be something wrong with you”


8 mm

I, like most people, have grown to love Nicholas Cage. He surfaced for me in Raising Arizona and although mired in mediocrity for years, has emerged as a solid and dependable actor. This movie is, not surprisingly since it has such strong ties with it, in the same vein as “Seven”. If you allow yourself to be drawn in to the story, you will find it disturbing. If you know the worlds that collide, the sick side of the world of pornography and the underground of Private Investigation, this movie will really disturb you. I found myself in Cage’s shoes more than once, tracing my steps around my own movements in the past, searching for, tracking and trapping people in their lives and their lies. There are few things in this world as sick as child abuse, the child pornography industry and the taking of a child’s life. This movie, not surprisingly, has them all. It is skillfully constructed not to play the emotional side of the story too blatantly. The action and the authenticity of Cage distract you enough that the sick depravity of the crime is held in check as an undercurrent. It surges and resurfaces from time to time and is played at key points to help the plot, not flood the viewer with crude shock-value. The balance that is maintained throughout the film is wonderful, the delicate weighing of evils and crusades makes for a thoroughly enjoyable film which is deep enough and significant enough to overcome the disgust at it’s subject matter. Cage, naturally, is filled by his character. He has an inherent naïveté that permeates all of his characters, no matter how mean, cruel or violent they become. It is as if his characters are dragged from themselves and placed just beyond their realm in every movie in which he stars. It makes him eminently believable, as if his humanity is always just beneath the surface, as if he could make us all believe that there is some good in everyone. The supporting cast are strong and convincing in their roles. The movie is very well written, extremely well directed in parts and all in all is worth seeing on the big screen.

Rating 8. Another movie destined to become a Cage classic
Theatre / Video Theatre. See it in the theatre if at all possible.
Rewind / Return I would see it again. There are plenty of things I’m sure I missed the first time.
Highlight Cage’s shaking hand holding the gun after beating the porn peddler to death.The scene with Cage in sunglasses outside Machine’s home – Nice cinematography.
Favorite Quote “I’m never going to get tired of hurting you…”

“Alright, Snuff 2, The Resurrection…”

Saving Private Ryan

I am always happy to wait to see a major feature film until the crowds have died down and the hype has subsided. I saw Private Ryan with a theatre of around twenty people and it was eerie in it’s separation. I had an English Teacher once who pointed out to me the differences between a film and a movie (thank you Mr. Skilleter) and without going into much detail, I would say that this film is truly worthy of that moniker. There is a serious lack of depth and honesty to the filmmakers art these days, too much temptation to blow budgets on big time effects and implausible story lines, however the power of Private Ryan comes not from it’s glaring brutality, but rather from it’s candid honesty. I tried to explain my emotions in a journal entry recently but was left ashamedly inadequate. This is one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. If you are up for a dose of the reality of brutal hand to hand combat, then this is the film for you. Also, I would like to note that it is not the Hollywood, Steven Seagal type hand to hand, it is people hiding behind buttresses with big machine guns cutting people down like a scythe through a cornfield. It is the way it apparently was, and the reality really comes through. It is a brilliant piece of filmmaking that will run all sorts of emotions across your synapses and leave you feeling a hollow sorrow at the brutality that those young men endured. The acting is nothing short of breathtaking, and without unnecessary extension, you should see this film if you are over 25 because it will touch you.

Rating 9.5 One of the best films I have ever seen. A must see.
Theatre / Video Theatre. The effect will be lost for a first time viewing on a small screen.
Rewind / Return I will see this film many times, I would go back to the theatre to see it again.
Highlight The carnage on the beach. That is the cold, dark soul of war.
Favorite Quote “…the sacrifices you have laid on the altar of Freedom”

Wag The Dog

I had seen the previews and the movie seemed simple enough. A Presidential scandal, a cover-up story with inevitably some kind of twist at the end. The movie delivered right on schedule and like most things that go the way they are supposed to, it was predictable and at times a little dull. There were flashes of sub-brilliance and all in all the movie was enjoyable and worth seeing. My political movie experience really was piqued by Bob Roberts, and since I was comparing “Wag” to it constantly, it couldn’t help but come in poorly. Woody was a refreshing addition and my affection for both DeNiro and Hoffman was proven once again. The movie is quite well written, the dialogue is witty and sharp, and the story had enough entertaining sidelines to merit a reasonable score. It was not as sinister as it was comical, however the underlying message was clear, don’t trust the media or the Government because they are both seeking to create an image, albeit distorted, of the events they want you to see. It ended up being less significant than the cast implied, but nevertheless, it was enjoyable.

Rating 7. Predictable yet worthy of pause.
Theatre / Video Video. Not worth the Theatre price.
Rewind / Return I would watch it again, but would probably have the urge to leave at several points.
Highlight Cameo appearances by Steven Spielberg, Jim Belushi and others in the industry.
Favorite Quote Willie Nelson, singing “…and I’m glad your Momma’s not here”

The Big Lebowski

Everyone to whom I spoke about this movie hated it. I think they hated it for the wrong reasons though. Noone understood it. So, in retrospect my next question should have been “How can you say you hate it if you don’t understand it? Isn’t that the same as bigotry, unfounded hatred?” However I am not that sharp. So, on to the movie. I didn’t hate it, I understood it, and came to the conclusion that the reason people disliked it so much was that it wasn’t enough like a movie for them,. It was too much like actual people they know doing things they do and the whole thing was an uncomfortable “too close to home” experience for them to handle. The acting was accurate, the movie achieved its objectives and therefore,by definition was a decent flick. Much like The Jerky Boys movie or Starship Troopers, the story was secondary to the purpose of the movie. The Jerky Boys was meant to be a bad movie, and it was. Starship Troopers was meant to have great effects and it did, but they were not great movies. They matched their billing, no more, no less. This was the same deal. Although not gripping, not coherent in parts, and not cohesive in general, it was not worth hating. It was not memorable and that, unfortunately, is too often said in this day and age. However, it is one of the very few, and I mean really very few movies that I have turned off halfway through because it was so bad. I eventually finished it out of spite and now, more than 8 years aftwer writing this review I still haven’t turned off another movie since – Except Apocalypto which I just gave up on it was so boring…

Rating 3. Don’t bother.
Theatre / Video Video. If I had paid, I would not have been able to forgive my lack of judgment
Rewind / Return If you have it, destroy it.
Highlight Being a bowling ball
Favorite Quote “They won’t do anything, they’re Nihilists”