I sent the mail today inviting people to come have a look at this thing. It was a weird feeling of sadness admitting that I can no longer maintain the site, but it is for the best I suppose. Of course, if I fail to update here as well, then it may be time to abandon the writing altogether and I just am not ready to admit to that degree of defeat just yet.
I will be closing the site with notices redirecting people here and hope that they will find as much amusement as they did back then. Of course, that means there will have to be something here for them to enjoy and that is easier said than done.
I just removed my last excuse for not writing and I am not sure how I will feel about working without a net do to speak.
But lets look forward with positivityness and optimistickyness and see what happens…
Thanks for everything those of you who were so kind to me during my journal days.
Here’s to our futures, every one…

To My Health…

I went to the doctor again today to get the results of all my bloodwork etc. He said my sugars are fine, my thyroid was a little elevated so he is sending me for another test, my cell counts were fine and best of all that my cholestorol was low as were my triglycerides. This was after 2 years of not so good exercise and a couple of weeks of complete inactivity due to my back (the test was about a month ago now).
My EKG which is my heart test came back normal, he said there is no sign of mitral valve prolapse but that it is very difficult to catch if it is relaively minor. He said my MRI was ‘complicated’ but that in the end it was not a great deal different than last time which in a way is good since all I wanted was to have the disc fixed. I do have to go and see my back specialist to get the full information on the MRI though. The only thing that was not good was that the stuff he gave me for my stomach (the reflux) did nothing. Although it did reduce the amount of acid, it did not stop the regurgitation and that was the main goal. In fact, acid is not the problem, it is really the reflex that is the issue. I did have an Upper GI exam several weeks ago which came back normal with no signs of hernia or erosive aesophagitis.
So mostly it was good news, however he is handing me off to a throat and digestion specialist to have a camera stuck down my throat sometime soon to see if there is anything physical they can fix with my throat and my constant regurgitation.
So I am pretty happy. The best thing about it is that I am much healthier now than I was then and so my health is obviously very good. My weight is down 5 pounds and my blood pressure went from 140/94 to 138/86 so he was happy about that.

Thought I would let you know the good news and tell you that I may, in fact, live forever…

Happy Birthday Baby!

April 6th…
Nicole is celebrating a birthday today and although I know what she really wants for her birthday I am going to get her a 1GB MP3 player for her to use on the treadmill… I feel it is my duty to help her as much as I can to reach her fitness goals as well as help myself.
I made her breakfast in bed to start her day off right since everyone deserves to have breakfast in bed on their birthday, if not every day… Also there is other “stuff” that she is unaware of as of yet (and no, I am not telling you) but for now she can happily listen to her favourite 1500 songs wherever she goes 🙂

So Happy Birthday Babycakes… and I hope I am around to help you celebrate many many more.

My Most Recent Back Issue

On my birthday, Feb 20, I spent most of the day on my feet and stepping up onto a chair to videotape the girls competing at the Americana Invitational in Niagara Falls. The next day I was a little sore, nothing special so I thought. As the week wore on, I got more and more sore in my left lower back, the exact opposite side as was the case prior to my back surgery.
This started to worry me a little and sure enough in the next 2 days I suddenly went from discomfort to excruciating pain in my back (SI joint area to be exact) radiating down my left buttock (the very centre of the left cheek) and down into the upper left leg (insertion of the fibia).
I immediately booked an appointment with my surgeon and my physio and tried to rest as much as I could.
The surgeon, in a nutshell, told me he did not know what it was but he was conserned that it may be disc related and so told me to take the anti-inflammatories and stay off work for 3 or 4 weeks. At that time I thought that was a ridiculous notion and that I would be fine in a week or so. The Physio told me she thought it may be SI joint (Sacroiliac joint) related or related to hip disfunction rather than disc. Most of her manipulations turned out negative however when I bend from the waist, I only have pain after about 10 degrees to 15 degrees from vertical.
The pain was very bad the first few days until it started to subside a little in my back. Nicole and I were scheduled to fly to Vegas for a family reunion and went as planned.
While in Vegas, I used the hot tub and walked as much as I could since the Physio had told me that remaining mobile was key.
The Vegas vacation went fantastic, I will cover the details later, but once home, the cold weather started to take its toll and the pain in my leg turned to numbness and loss of strength. I booked an MRI which I am still awaiting and was told that there was still nothing to be done.
I researched as much as I could and found that the symptoms most closely related to something called SI Joint Disfunction which is cureable with stretching and strenghtening. This was good news, however I was still concerned that the loss of feeling in my leg was pointing to a disc impaction on the spinal column. However, it is noted that an SI joint inflammation can affect the sciatic nerve as it passes through the SI Joint area and this may be what caused the nerve impaction.

So I have been walking a little, although I cannot walk far I try to remain on my feet as much as is comfortable and have been using my EMS machine that I used after my surgery. Also I have stolen Nicole’s heating pad to help keep my back warm and supple.

As it stands today I am on gradual return to work (4 hours a day) and am joining a wellness group that weighs us every week to encourage my weight loss.

Because lets face it… We all know why my hip or back or whatever it was caused my pain.

I am too heavy. I am too inactive and I need to get back into shape.
It is a simple fact that a person walking around at 260 or 270 lbs without exercising is going to face some issues fairly rapidly.

So I am on a program, I have a plan and I hope that in 10 weeks (or before I am almost sure) I will be able to look back at this and realize just how much my weight is a factor in my back pain.

Wish me luck, but mostly wish me well…

On the diet bandwagon

I got my health assesment for the Calorie Stampede this morning. Shamefully listed below are my not so vital statistics:

Weight: 263
% Fat: 28
Height: 6’0″
Age: 37
Waist: 43
Hips: 40
Blood Pressure: 138 / 65 – this was a little skewed I think due to the small cuff they used.

My goals for the next 10 weeks are:
Lose 23lbs
walk 30 min twice a day at least 4 days a week
light weight program 4 times a week
more vegetables in my diet

Sounds easy? Not when I agreed not to eat after 7pm.
Humph. That wasn’t bright.

I'm a winner!

For the first time ever I actually won a radio contest this morning.
On Z103.5 they play a clip from a DVD every morning and this morning was a clip from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Knowing that the average age of a Z103 listener is probably closer to 14 than 25 I knew there was practically no chance that anyone listening was going to recognize it. And I was right. I got through on the 3rd attempt and scored myself $150 worth of board games from Hasbro and the “Sideways” DVD.

So I bought lottery tickets too. We will see on Friday if I won the $12.5 Million Jackpot.

..and therefore if there is such a thing as a lucky day.

HP Ipaq restore

So my IPAQ died again, since I have been off work for a while and left the device in my jacket. The last time this happened I lost everything and so I was diligent this time to backup the thing at every sync.
When I booted it this morning and attached it to my laptop and tried the restore it told me that it could not complete the restore because the file was created with a different mobile device.
So I recalled what I had read online (after hours of searching) and remembered that I had to update the ROM first. So I went to the HP site and downloaded the update and installed it.
Still no luck.
So I checked the help button that accompanied the error message and believe it or not, it actually helped! It mentioned that if the environmental settings are not the same as when you made the backup it will not work. So I changed the settings to my local time and lo and behold it worked like a charm.
It did however take quite a long time to complete which threw me off a bit but with a little patience I had my device back and running (albeit without the main password) in about 15 minutes.

Yo-ga!! Yo-ga!!!

January 11, Tuesday.

Sticking to resolutions was never particularly difficult for me. I guess it is that structured time frame, the well defined rules and the very specific start date that appealed to me. So far, this year has been no different and this morning I found myself in front of the TV at 6am actually participating in a Yoga class. Now, for those of you who have never met me, this may be mildly amusing, being that men are not stereotypically the ones you would find in a Yoga class. For those of you who have met me and are aware of my, lets say, physical dimensions and occasionally far from gentle disposition this will be nothing short of interrupting cow kind of funny*. So there I was, barely 7 minutes in and already thinking I was going to pass out. It is not that is is particularly difficult technically, but when they ask you to stand there with bent legs and do all these twisting torso moves, the old bacon and eggs tend to get a little wobbly. However, I struggled through, if only to give me some measure of just how awful I am at the moment. I really should have made a videotape of myself, so I can send it into some unsuspecting infomercial telling them how I was like that until I tried their yoga tapes and now I am a pro and lost all this weight and saved the whales and freed Nelson Mandela… No wait.. It surely would be the only measure of vengeance we could exact on those midnight crap peddlers. But I digress… I have to admit is was interesting, the time flew by and I did feel very much looser and warmed up by the end of the half-hour. The only disconcerting thing was when I had to stretch back on my hands and knees almost like a cat stretch and then reach one hand under the opposing arm as if you were reaching for something over the other side of your body. I tried it the first time on my left side and as I reached under my arm my back cracked in 4 places kid of reminiscent of 4th of July firecrackers really…

On second thoughts, maybe my first day of Yoga should have been on a day when I wasn’t going to be coaching… Hmmm…

*The interrupting cow reference is to a joke I heard
not so long ago with which I was particularly taken:

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Interrupting cow..


So this is 2005?

January 6, Thursday.

I suppose we had better start with some resolutions then?

1. No TV before 7pm. This is a major one if I am ever going to get anything done around the house. During the summer this is no problem since it is a joy to be out in the garage working in my workshop (actually I have yet to do this since we just moved in but go with me on this) but during the long dark months of Canadian stupid winter it is very easy to get home and snuggle up on the couch and watch some TV while the wind and the snow howl by the windows. I have plenty of projects that need to be completed and the 4 to 7 window is my best shot to get it done…

2. Lose weight. I know, everyone says this and nobody ever sticks to it, but since the surgery my weight has been barely under control and is hampering my ability to recover to my former glory. Some of it has to go.. along with a big slice of ego too maybe? 🙂

3. To be more organized. This should be easy, I can make lists, I can organize my stuff no problem, if I could just find my organizer where I wrote everything down…

Back to work with a cold – not a happy camper

Jan 5, 2005

First day back after the holidays. This day is hardest when we have been away because the traffic in this city really imposes itself on you. I guess you don’t really notice it when you live here, the daily hum of traffic, the endless stream of cars ahead and behind you but it is pretty unique to the metropolitan sprawl. Once you get a chance to get away to a smaller city, or to a country where cars are not a measure of your success that you must flaunt with Freudian glee you come to realize just how imposing traffic really is.

Today has been intolerably slow. Mostly due to the fact that I have a terrible headache and this cold has me in its grip. However, I am thinking that this has been an ideal way to slip back into the swing of things, comfortably numb so to speak. I am also sure that it has been 2:30 for about 6 hours now… I am not sure how, but I am certain that we passed three o’clock some time ago… Maybe I need another hot cup of coffee to settle me down. Unfortunately I go through periods of sudden exertion, a desire to get up and run about with wild abandon mixed with long periods of sitting staring blankly at the switch mapper trying to make sense of all the little packets scurrying around the network like worker ants, determined and oblivious to all except their destination.

Once we got home after a bout of protein shopping at Sobey’s things didn’t improve any, in fact, I was about as energetic as… well, something not very energetic at all really. So unfortunately, the plan of treadmill and working out will just have to wait for another day. Besides, we have coaching tomorrow and I don’t want to be exhausted, sick and sore, that wouldn’t be fair to the girls now would it?