That was what I had written on my report cards as a child. It was a recurring theme which translated into adult speak as “lazy bastard”.

It’s something I need to do here too. Elyse is growing so fast it’s a shame to miss commenting on how it all makes me feel. Nicole and I take plenty of pictures, some videos and post on Facebook but it doesn’t say much about what happens the rest of the time. So here goes, with baby steps, and a few words more often.

Last night was the Aurora Children’s Centre Christmas concert and I am the same way about kids concerts as I am about kids birthdays, until they are 3 or 4 don’t bother because they really have no idea what is going on. last night I got to experience the parental side of the fence and I have to say my mind is as firm as ever. The poor little toddlers on stage, all crying because they are confused and frightened were herded like cattle for the amusement of the teachers and parents alike. Maybe it’s just me, but I was upset and angry at the fact that they were unnecessarily scaring these poor little kids but pushing them out in front of a room full of strangers with cameras. I didn’t enjoy it in the least, if only for the fact that she is so young. Had she been 2 1/2 not 1 1/2 I think I would feel differently but at her age it’s all just too predictably overwhelming. See the carnage here…

Her picture with Santa didn’t go much better last week although her first haircut was fine. Well, by fine I mean fine for her. $23 to cut 2cm of hair isn’t fine with me!