So we bargained with Simon the deck guy and I think we are getting a good deal. I have to do some of the work myself but really if I am honest I just wanted someone else to do the footings and tie it to the house so that if it falls down I have someone to choke. So we have decided to go with a second level deck off the kitchen which I can, at some point, tie to a lower deck via stairs if I wish. The problem with having a lower level deck, although it is easy to do yourself and so on it really isn’t easily accessible. The whole point of having a double walkout from the kitchen is so that you can go out onto your deck in the evening and have drinks and a BBQ. Sure it will block the sun from the basement but first that is expected here in Canada and second the basement is a gym, not a living room. Even if we repurposed it to be a living space, the sun will still shine in later in the day when you would actually be in there since it faces west. The massive benefits to having a second level deck and a lower level deck / storage space are obvious. The massive BBQ from the garage can go on the deck and all the gardening tools from the garage like the lawnmower and other bulky crap can go under the deck in a neatly organized storage area. That area will be on a lower level deck which I will build during the summer. Once the footings for the high deck are done I can use the 6×6 posts as anchors for the lower deck, it’s genius really. That will leave a huge amount of space in the garage to make my crossfit gym a reality.

Of course, all of this needs to be done before June 11 when I am anticipating I will be able to have time off at home to help with unnamed baby and do all kinds of things at the house and get my workouts back on track. Those of you with children are probably apoplectic with laughter right now but that is the plan. We have finally finished all the baby classes and although I feel a little more comfortable I still have a raging panic in my head about a non-stop crying baby. Sure we know how to bathe the baby and change the baby and even how to wrap the baby like a tasty burrito and burp the baby but still there is the crying part. I imagined that babies cry if something is actually wrong and needs fixing however with Alleta’s recent experience it appears that some babies are just really angry and will scream at the top of their lungs for absolutely no reason. You can do everything right and still have anĀ inconsolableĀ grump on your hands. Not a good sign.

Otherwise, all is stable. The hole in the wall is almost done, Nicole is confused about why it takes so long but I can’t do any sanding of the mud or drywall cutting if she is in the house so I have to do it on saturdays when she is at coaching and personal training. That being said, one more round of sanding then it is ready for paint. I have found that the MDF is actually really soft and may not work as a shelf, but we will have to see. Wait for pics.

I am actually really happy we got the deck guy so early, we can enjoy the whole summer on the deck and I can enjoy building then using the lower deck as an extension to the gym. I already have envisioned chin up bars and dip stations placed around the deck supports, very discreet but also very useful!