So we thought we would stay in Niagara since we had to be in Buffalo for the weekend, and as usual I thought we would get a good deal through one of the discount sites, or Now, we have had great success with them in the past but I came across a post that jogged my memory of something I heard. The poster claimed to have paid $220 for a room that they could have got through the Casino Niagara site for $139. Wouldn’t you know it, I checked the site and managed to BOOK a Fallsview room in the Crowne Plaza for $139 plus tax ($165ish total) when the Hotwire and Priceline rates both had an INFERIOR room listed at $272 per night!!!!

Yes, I was blown away but in the deep recess of my brain I recalled someone in a hotel mentioning that exact issue at the fron desk. Anyway, from now on of we are going to Niagara, we will check the Casino Niagara Site along with the discount sites.

The actual site is and it is embedded with a code saying that you came from the casino site however when I went back into the site to check without going via the Casino site it was $389!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So stick with the promo code, we are saving $240 a night which makes me physically sick to think of people getting screwed by these hotels.

Moral of the story, go to the Casino Niagara Site and to the gaming section. Click on the Book Your Hotel Here icon and off you go.