Time for me to wade into the baby updates…

Yes, I realize that this is the first time since the cryptic entry from last time that I am actually writing about the enormous changed that have come about in our lives. We learned a few weeks ago that Nicole is pregnant and therefore by deduction that I am going to be a father.

*moment of silence for sink-inage*

I am still in shock, or disbelief, or denial, I am not sure which but it certainly doesn’t seem real yet. However, as Nicole expands with each passing day and our attention turns away from us and onto the baby-* (everything in our life now starts with baby). Baby-room, baby-clothes, baby-changing table, baby-crib and it goes on and on. I swear I am not going to realize what is going on until the baby is actually crying and for that reason alone I am petrified.

But I have a plan, at least for the easy things like furniture, rooms, garbage, diapers etc,

What I don’t have a plan for yet and what I will be developing here is how to be a Dad. Unlike most other things in life that really don’t matter, being a parent is something that really deserves planning and attention on an ongoing basis. My feeling is that most men just don’t put enough thought into what happens once the baby comes other than the mechanics. Why not spend the last 3 or 6 months of the pregnancy when you are spending your time being obedient and not angering the earth mother as she gradually metamorphoses from your wife into your child’s mother paying attention to the person you will need to be once the child arrives. For example, being too fat to lift up your child is something that will require attention before the trip to the hospital. Same goes for quitting smoking, stopping biting your nails, procrastinating, time management, assessing your morals and priorities, improving your hygiene etc etc.

So I will try over the next few months before baby Kay arrives to get my shit together which will include, by the way, losing the profanities. Wish me luck!

No Excuses...

So what else is new? Well, I seem to have done the same thing I always do when I get too much on my plate and that is fail to do much of anything! I recently went on a CISSP Boot Camp course in Toronto to help prepare me for the CISSP exam in January. I have been running the Biggest Loser at work and of course coaching while trying to keep up with home stuff that needs to happen. This has meant that after my success with P90X that I have not been back to the gym. It seems that G90X didn’t really take off like I had hoped. I now am in a position with an upcoming exam, upcoming trip to Switzerland and a ton of work and a big pile of frustration with my poor eating habits and lack of exercise. So I need to get organized. The problem isn’t my inability to cope, it is my unwillingness to plan appropriately and get my time organized. I need to study every day, exercise every day and figure out a way to stop eating crap all the time. It can’t be that hard, I am a full grown man for Gods sake.

So here I go. Today, Christmas Eve 2009 I will go home and do Plyometrics with my P90X buddy Tony and have a health supper. I will study at least 2 hours and start making notes on the Information Security and Risk Management Domain.

What I need in order to do that I think is a better working area. Although we have a desk downstairs with the computer it is really not appropriate. We have discussed moving the desk up to the reading nook which would be an ideal study spot. That means moving the existing couch into the front baby-room to be. That would require moving the existing couch in that room out and also the bed… You can see how it all snowballs into one big overwhelmfest.

Tonight… you!