Our first full day started off by deciding to get up early and go to Buffalo to one of the places featured in Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives on The Food Network. The one we chose was Sophia’s since it was apparently only 12 miles from our hotel. We crossed the border at around 730am and were at the restaurant by 745am. The food was pretty good, you can read our review HERE (once it is done and there is a link there!).

We left the restaurant and decided to fond out which one of the GPS entries we had put into the unit was which so we headed to Kohl’s and Walgreen’s. It wasn’t the one we were thinking of so after some unsuccessful shorts shopping and a little grocery pick up we continued on with our road trip. The next place we cam upon wasn’t even on our list but had a BabiesRUs, Carters, Chipotle and Target. I had more unsuccessful shorts shopping and Nicole didn’t have much luck either. We ended up at Burlington Coat Factory where I finally found a pair of shorts however not camouflage so I can’t throw my old ones out quite yet. Finishing our shopping we’d had enough and headed back across the border for nap time. After nap time we went down to the gym to work out. On the way, however, Nicole stopped off for some ice and promptly let part of her fancy-shmancy water bottle fall down the ice machine drain to the depths of beyond. Since I couldn’t force my fat arm into the small hole we had to call for maintenance. The first guy who showed up couldn’t even keep ┬áhis pants up so I didn’t have much hope in him. True to form he couldn’t open the machine and then picked up some rotting half eaten sandwich off the floor that covered him in goo and made him smell like putrid tuna. Not the smartest guy on the team.

The gym is small as I already said, and not that well equipped so I was unable to do pull ups. Luckily tomorrow is a cardio day which should be easy. After the gym it was dinner time and we ended up at Romano Macaroni’s Bar and Grill. The food there was quite good, and I will do the full review HERE (eventually, obviously).

We spent some time (and money) in the casino and then decided it was time to get back to the hotel. The walk back home was interrupted by an impromptu sand storm down the main street which sent everyone scurrying for store entryways and any other sheltered area. After a short stay in the room we headed down to the Un-Starbucks downstairs and had tea and did some crosswords watching the people in the lobby.

Anyone staying here and expecting a Starbucks in the lobby should be warned, they may serve Starbucks coffee but apart from that it’s about as far from an actual Starbucks as you can get. They are painfully slow doing anything, even making tea.

That brought our day to an end so it was time for a soak in the wonderful tub and to bed.

However, I should note that I wore my iPod in the gym and forced something into my ear meaning I now can’t hear out of that ear. May have to sort that out tomorrow since poking around there with a Q-Tip hasn’t worked.