So Lightning is still sick. He is now refusing to eat his wet food with the pills in so this morning we had to feed him his pills on the bed. Unlike Thunder who would dutifully lay on his back and swallow his pill as if he liked it, Lightning was not a willing participant. However, we managed to get it down him and so at the very least he will have pain killers and muscle relaxants in his bloodstream. Hopefully this will encourage him to eat and drink because he didn’t go to the bathroom at all last night. This UTI thing in cats is terrible, and although he has been on anti-UTI food his whole life, apparently that is like being on organic food, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

Elyse and Nicole are almost better, Elyse sneezed a river of green snot down her face this morning, right after she spit milk all the way down Nicole’s back. She remains the world’s cutest baby however. She is steadfastly refusing to roll over, but can stand while holding herself up. I think she just wants to skip the rolling part and go straight to walking. That said, we bought baby gates this past weekend at Toys-R-Us ($10 off) both for her and to contain the sick cat in the kitchen.