So after my back injury and the as-yet-not-documented aftershock I had a couple of days of searing pain and quasi-mobility before our first gymnastics competition of the year. At some point early in the weekend I contracted a fairly nasty viral infection that has left me unable to eat, move around or do much of anything for the last six days.

As I said, I also suffered from an aftershock which is what happens when you try to get back to things too quickly. I was fixing a chair at home, thinking I was getting back to my normal self and had an additional, albeit smaller, impingement. So I guess it’s now time to reevaluate. I can’t really say that I can continue on with my fitness program but I think that I need a heavily modified “welcome back” couple of weeks. My mobility is still not great. My back still hurts like hell and the pain of the spasms makes me sweat just sitting however my arms work and so the world of pushups and pullups isn’t theoretically beyond me. As soon as I am able to get up off the floor I will begin and I am hoping that will be this week. I am going to have to put a hold on Shaun T for a while and concentrate on some serious core and body strengthening to get my severely weakened body back in gear. To put it in perspective, for at least 4 days all I had to eat was about 10 spoons of cereal each morning. That massive caloric defecit may have burned some fat but is equally as likely to have cannibalized muscle. My return will have to be both physically and dietetically precise and cautious.

In addition, today Nicole and I are scheduled to start our Prenatal classes, some parenting stuff, some “how to handle a baby” stuff and something called Breast is Best which I would have thought was a no brainer… So, since the classes are at work and don’t start until 730 in the evening we are stuffed for time for anything including workouts. Normally this would just be an inconvenience but now with my injury it is a major problem. Hopefully I can organize it so I can run on the impressive treadmill here at work while we wait for class to start. Then I can sit and smell during class with the other parents because the hospital only provides one small, dirty and incredibly unhygenic shower for it’s employees. You can sense my dilemma?

So how do I feel now? Well, my headache that has punctuated my sickness is back, I have spent the day being forced to listen to Drum and Bass music in a department which is now apparently a holiday camp of some sort rather than a place of work. It used to be fun to have a little distraction, it’s no fun to try to squeeze in work when everyone around you apparently gave up even trying to pretend to be working long ago.

What else? Well, the hole in the wall hasn’t gone anywhere, we had Paul the Painter do some painting in the house and I have to say it looks exactly the same. I’m just kidding, it looks really nice. We also had our first competition of the year last weekend although I only made it to one day due to the now infamous unidentified viral infection. My girls did OK but having watched the routines back on the video camera I am shocked at the lack of quality and effort. Even for them, lazy care-for-naught teenagers it was pitiful, something which will not happen in two weeks at Orangeville. All I can imagine is that since I wasn’t there, the reminder of their motivation was not with them. I wonder…

We also got a new video camera, which we attempted to get from Sears but since they are a thieving bunch of criminals we were unable to use our gift card from the wedding. The camera is an HD version called the CX110 and the picture quality is quite amazing. I still may return it and try another vendor but since I have always used Sony and have never been disappointed I think this may be the one. I have signed up for a YouTube account so that we can publish videos of the new baby just as soon as we can.