So I have been busy, mostly filling in the pages of my fitness blog over at Something To Prove or working on the Jeep replacing brakes in what seemed like a never ending litany of errors and mistakes. Long story short I have still got the pulsing in the brakes but I think I am getting closer to a solution.

Anyway, yesterday the MyBook stopped working. It claims that there are too many bad sectors and the unit just stops responding and I am unable to copy anything to or from it. The solution? I went to Best Buy and picked up the Aluratek Hard Drive Docking Enclosure and so far I am able to copy files off slowly. The drive still disconnects, but not as much and it looks like I will be able to rescue the files and reformat the drive. Maybe it is the fact it is always plugged in and the computer sleeps often, I am not sure, but the bottom line is that the unit has failed. No other enclosure I have bought has ever failed this way, just the WD.

Moral? WD Drives are good as internal drives, but the MyBook is suspect in my estimation.